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Ten Stationery - Hang-On Ballpoint Pen

Ten Stationery

Designed with a hook on the top, "HANG-ON" is the ultimate writing tool for on-the-go functionality.

With the integrated hook, you can easily and securely attach the pen to your pocket, key chain, or backpack so it's always nearby.

By pushing downward the button on the side, you will have the ballpoint tip coming out and the hook unlocked at the same time. This special mechanism means you can simply "Unlock and Write"! With another upward push of the button, you will have the tip going back in, and the hook locked.

Made of high-quality aluminum as well as nylon plastic, this easy-access, quick use pen is tough and lightweight.

"HANG-ON" is the winner of:
- Red Dot Design Award
- Gold Award of HKSGDA
- German Design Award

Size: 121mm x dia 9mm; Weight: 12.2g

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