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Ten Stationery

Founded in 2009, TEN is an original Hong Kong brand specialising in contemporary stationery. We are dedicated in and passionate about exploring extraordinary and practical ideas, and realise them in our designs.

Our brand name TEN is inspired from the Japanese language. The pronunciation of "TEN" in Japanese means "a point". Writing begins from a point, and hence we have used the word "TEN" as our stationery brand name, expressing a meaningful sense of a "start".

We present TEN stationery in the beauty of minimalism. We believe our original, minimalist design and high-quality materials provide exceptional choices for stationery fans and design lovers.

All our stationery items are designed by Hong Kong designers. We strongly believe in our special local culture, from which our designers draw the excitement and inspiration for their creations. TEN stationery designs are a part of culture, not just commerce.