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Tajika - Copper Household Scissors


This Copper House Scissors is handmade by the Tajika family in Japan and comes with the original presentation box. Develops a beautiful patina over time.

Maker: Tajika
Designer: Daisuke Tajika
S: 58mm (w) x 157mm (l) x 10mm (h) / 2.3” (w) x 6.2” (l) x 0.375” (h)
L: 64mm (w) x 178mm (l) x 10mm (h) / 2.5” (w) x 7” (l) x 0.375” (h)

S: 0.06 kg / 0.125 lbs
L: 0.07 kg / 0.16 lbs

Materials: Copper