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Guillemets Layout Studio - Set Of Adj. Hook Free

Guillemets Layout Studio

The Set Of Adj. Hook Free by Japanese design firm 'Guillemets Layout Studio'. This piece is designed by Osamu Saruyama and carefully hand-forged from iron by skilled craftsmen (Guthrie‘s house). The uncoated metal has a dark tone and creates a beautiful antique look. The ceramic part (so-044 "kouro" type-b) is made by Shiro Hamanaka (Ooyagama).

The set contains:

g–001 “adj. hook” type-free
1,290–760 h. mm

g–101 “holder” large
100 h. 138/88 w. mm

so-044 “kouro” type-b
94 w. 47 h. mm.
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