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Ystudio - Unryuhaku Rollerball Pen (Dragon Cloud Silver Foil)


ystudio collaborates with Rakugei (Japan), a traditional 'foil art' workshop. Mr. Kohei Murata, the owner of Rakugei and the third generation successor of his family-owned business, started to learn the flat foil technique from his father while studying at university. Since then, Mr. Murata has won many awards in this traditional craftsmanship. Flat foil is originally a special weaving method used on Japanese traditional garments, like the kimono. And now, Mr. Murata is dedicated to applying this technique in other fields.

In this collaboration, Mr. Murata uses a rare material called 'Unryūhaku' and applies this on ystudio's pen with delicate and high-skilled traditional technique. Through this process, the foil reveals the unique tint of vulcanized silver just like a dragon flying in the clouds.

The ystudio Yakihaku pen embodied the beauty of Japanese classical aesthetics and traditional craftsmanship.

As you can see in photo 2, the Unryuhaku Rollerball Pen is available in a light and dark(er) version.

► Material: Brass / Copper / Silver Foil technique.
► Specs: 9.7 X 11 X 130 mm.
► Refills: e.g. SCHMIDT Safety Ceramic Roller 5888 F.

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