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ONFAdd - Wrapping Backpack


Please note: this product is a sample and was used for display purposes.

Tie, wrap, lay out, cover – we updated the old Japanese FUROSHIKI (wrapping cloth) for use in contemporary living. Instead of choosing one’s bag for the day according to how much one has to carry, this bag can be wrapped around any luggage to neatly fit its size. A bag inspired by Furoshiki, WRAPPING BACKPACK is capable of wrapping things of many shapes, from paintings to chairs, using its zippers on sides. Made with highly durable fabric.

Inspired by FUROSHIKI
"FUROSHIKI" is an ultra-flexible bag which can wrap around anything. Ordinally one piece of wrapping cloth, the Japanese furoshiki has been reinvented to provide greater mobility in everyday life.

W 55 D 35 H 10 (cm), W 13 D 14 H 4 (in)
Weight: approx. 1555 (g) 3.4 (lb)
Material: Progress, Smoky twill, Double russel mesh, Foamcore, Buckle
Color: Black
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