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ONFAdd - Rain Socks

ONFAdd - Rain Socks

€ 16.00 EUR

Just like wearing socks on your feet, Rain Socks are a "disposable rain footwear" that you place over your shoes to protect them from water and mud. Weighing less than 100g and super thin, they are easy to carry and can be placed in your bag. As well as being portable, the latex processing on the sole makes them non-slip.

*ATTENTION*: This is disposable item.

Under normal conditions (properly installed, temperature -40 ℃ to 70℃, use on wet asphalt road), the coverable distance of this product is approximately 15km. And applicable size is the range of 25 - 29 cm for general sneakers. The above describe indicates only a guide, so it is not limited to the above description, depending on the storage conditions of the product, and the usage environment / usage. Please refrain from using Rain Socks for walking in extremely low or extremely high temperatures nor for unexpected purpose other than walking in urban areas on rainy day.

W 28 D 15 (cm)
W 11 D 5.9 (in)
Applicable size is the range of 25 - 29 cm

approx. 100 (g) 0.22 (lb)