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ONFAdd - Minimal Wallet


This minimal wallet can be kept discreetly in one’s breast pocket (the modern day version of a kimono sleeve or FUTOKORO). Inspired by minimalistic Japanese paintings, this wallet has been stripped to its bare essentials and will stash your cards and money without ever becoming bulky. Taking money clips one step forward, this item allows you to store not only notes and cards, but also coins all in one place.

Inspired by FUTOKORO
In old Japan, there was a custom to store things in the sleeves of kimonos.The concept of "FUTOKORO" is to create a discreet storage that can be worn under clothes. These minimalist places which allow free movement of the body embody a light and casual style.

Size: W 11 D 8 H 0.5 (cm) W 4 D 3 H 0.2 (in)
Weight: approx. 25 (g) 0.05 (lb)
Material: Neoprene, Tricot, Taffeta, Buckle
Color: Black
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