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ONFAdd - Inner Jacket Laptop Backpack

€ 150.00 EUR

No frills attached, this backpack is inspired by a minimalist Japanese aesthetic and let’s you carry only what you need. Creating a discreet storage space close to the body, it keeps your hands free. Make your style more minimal, and move more easily. Designed to carry around laptops. Keeping the design minimal, it can easily be worn inside a jacket.

Inspired by FUTOKORO
In old Japan, there was a custom to store things in the sleeves of kimonos. The concept of "FUTOKORO" is to create a discreet storage that can be worn under clothes. These minimalist places which allow free movement of the body embody a light and casual style.

Size: 11-, 13- or 15inch.
Weight: approx. 180~215 (g) 0.05 (lb)
Material: Neoprene, Tricot, Taffeta, Buckle
Color: Black