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Inventery - Mechanical Pen + Stand (Brushed Chrome)


Desk Refinement. A writing instrument designed as a desk pen, and now for display. You’ll receive a Mechanical Pen and Pen Stand in this essential pairing of elevated desktop goods.

The Mechanical Pen is precision machined from a single brass rod to achieve a unibody construction. Be prepared for a silent click; our pen is outfitted with an all brass click mechanism by Schmidt, not a standard plastic part.

Pen Stand:
A weighted fixture designed for the Mechanical Pen, the Pen Stand is machined out of solid stock brass and fitted with a black plastic cap to prevent scratching. The bottom of the Pen Stand is lined with a 3M double-faced adhesive for mounting and extra security - optional only - because the freestanding Pen Stand is constructed to support the Mechanical Pen without tilting, anchoring it either in a vertical display or resting slant.
Each Mechanical Pen is marked with an individual serial number.

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