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Hmm - Clipboard


The new HMM Clipboard can satisfy different needs of writing and carrying. With the powerful magnet inside the removable clip, you can freely fix the paper horizontally or vertically onto the board.

Improvements are made to the pen to meet specific needs when being used with a clipboard, and HMM Clipboard combines the functions of board, pen, and clip, into one.

The removable clip not only allows users to freely fix the paper, the design also makes it an effortless task aligning the paper with the edge of the clip. Clipboard is also standable with the clever combination of the pen and board.

- Satisfy writing and carrying
- Removable powerful magnet clip
- Freely fix papers horizontally or vertically with removable clip
- Three-in-One: board, pen, and clip
- Standable with the clever design

  • 1 Board, 1 Clip, 1 Pen are included
  • For A4/Letter size
  • Board: iron, Clip/Pen: aluminum
  • Board: 520g, Clip: 48g, Pen: 8g
  • Board: 315*223*17mm, Clip: 100*30*10mm, Pen: Ø9*100mm
  • Refill: SCHMIDT Refill P900M
  • Made in Taiwan
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