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YSTUDIO - Classic Renaissance KAZARI KANAGU ORCHID Fountain Pen

Carrying on the Craftsmen's Legacy, Crafting Timeless Blessings About "錺 KAZARI KANAGU"

錺, a kind of metal craft, is often used as metal decoration for Buddhist veneration objects. As the changes of peopleʼs lifestyle, this traditional metal accessory craft has gradually developed a new design aspect apart from the initial decoration of temples, shrines, Buddhist altars, mikoshi and etc., allowing metal engraving art to be integrated into peopleʼs daily life and become exquisite and meaningful lifestyle decorations.

YSTUDIO uses orchids - a kind of flower symbolizes elegance in Taiwan, as the design theme of our Kazari Kanagu fountain pen Pen, paired with vibrant arabesque texture chiseled on the copper sheet and inlaid on the fountain pen pen body. With the combination of centuries-old craftsmanship and writing utensils, you can witness our dedication and the lifelong devotion of Japanese craftsmen, and together we can convey the weight of words.

Each intricate detail in the carvings tells the story of Japan's century-old craftsmanship. As you hold the pen, we aim to pass on the spirit of craftsmanship and the evolution of culture to every user, continuing to write a new chapter in classic artistry.

YSTUDIO Self-Owned Fountain Pen Nib: Crafted in 14K Gold, hailing from Germany.

A specific “Unryūhaku” character and YSTUDIO logo are delicately engraved on the nib. After several times of hand-polishing, it showcases a remarkable spirit of craftmanship.

Brass, Copper
14K Gold Nib

Size & Weight

11.2 x 12 x 130 (mm)
Coming soon (inch)

66,5 (grams)
Coming soon (ounces)


It comes with a converter inside (also fits the International Standard Type of Cartridge)

Made in

Taiwan / Japan / Germany

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