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Tactile Turn - Sprout (Seasonal Release)


It's easy being green...

Chlorophyll, photosynthesis, xylem, and phloem. While not all of us are born with green thumbs it doesn't take a botanist to appreciate the beauty of plant life. Inspired by the humble houseplant providing freshness and greenery in unnatural, modern environments, Sprout borrows design elements from the Plantae kingdom – adding a welcome pop of color to your desk, pocket, or backpack with no water or sunlight required. Available for the first time on all Side Clicks, Bolt Actions, Slim Side Clicks, and Slim Bolt Actions, the themed colorway consists of a two-tone, glossy green Cerakote body, with accents, and complex foliage laser engraving on a terracotta brown clip.

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Built on our Side Click, Bolt Action, Slim Side Click, and Slim Bolt Action pens
Base material: Titanium
Two-tone, glossy green Cerakote on tips, tops, and bodies
White accent screws and bolts
Terracotta brown clip with leaf pattern laser engraving
Available in Standard, Short, and Mini lengths
Commemorative box and sticker included with each order


Base material: Titanium

Size & Weight

Coming soon (mm)
Side Click Pen (0.43" Diameter): Standard (5.8", 1.2oz), Short (5.3", 1.1oz), Mini (4.6", 0.9oz)

Bolt Action Pen (0.43" Diameter): Standard (5.6", 1.3oz), Short (5.1", 1.2oz), Mini (4.4", 1.1oz)

Slim Side Click Pen (0.365" Diameter): Standard (5.8", 0.83oz), Short (5.3", 0.82oz), Mini (4.6", 0.67oz)

Slim Bolt Action Pen (0.365" Diameter): Standard (5.6", 0.92oz), Short (5.1", 0.91oz), Mini (4.4", 0.73oz)

Coming soon (grams)
Coming soon (ounces)


The Standard comes with a Pilot G2 0.7 mm refill, the Short comes with a Schmidt EasyFlow 9000 medium refill, and the Mini comes with a Pilot G2 Mini 0.7mm refill

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