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Drillog - Steel Pen Nib

■ The drill-shaped nib is the symbol of DRILLOG. The nib is made by numerically controlling the metal cutting process to achieve a precise writing line width. The 0.5 mm width is recommended for a wide range of applications such as delicate lettering and sketching, while the 0.8 mm width works well with glitter inks and sticky inks. The 1.2mm character width is recommended for ink enthusiasts who want to use a lot of ink.

■ Ink retention structure for uninterrupted writing. The spiral grooves on the side of the body hold a large amount of ink. *Depending on the writing speed, the area that can be written on may change due to the ink drying up.

■ Durable nib made of acid-resistant stainless steel. DRILLOG’s metal nibs will not be damaged by touching the ink bottle. In addition, the acid-resistant stainless steel material allows you to use even slightly acidic or slightly alkaline inks without worrying about corrosion.

■ Easy maintenance. DRILLOG nibs can be washed off the ink in the nib by simply running it under water. If you want to wash them more carefully, just scrub them with a small brush to complete the maintenance. You can also use an ultrasonic cleaner.

■ A new way to use dipping pens. The inked nib can be easily washed with water, so you can enjoy various inks at the same time, just like painting with paints. A new way to use dipping pens is now possible only with a metal nib.

※ Please note that some discoloration (light brown) on the surface of the nib is caused by the manufacturing process and does not affect the quality of the product.

Acid-resistant stainless steel SUS316

Size & Weight

Φ 7 x 37.5 (mm)
Coming soon (inch)

8 (grams)
Coming soon (ounces)

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