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YSTUDIO - Classic Renaissance YAKIHAKU Fountain Pen



Unryūhaku, translated as "cloud-dragon-foil", is an exceptional manifestation of flat foil. Through the time-honored "YAKIHAKU" technique, this foil unveils a captivating hue of vulcanized silver, its organic motif weaves a spellbinding narrative of a dragon adrift amidst ethereal clouds.

Unryūhaku pen series is a collaboration between YSTUDIO and Kohei Murata, who applied this rare material on YSTUDIO's pen with delicate and high-skilled traditional technique.


Kohei Murata, a luminary in the realm of traditional craftsmanship, has garnered distinction through a nomination by the Japanese Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, attaining the esteemed title of Master of Traditional Crafts. With unwavering focus, his expertise flourishes within the intricate domain of the Haku design department of Nishijin-ori, the celebrated Nishijin fabric.

As the torchbearer of the third generation, he guides the illustrious Japanese traditional foil art workshop nestled in the heart of Kyoto.

14K gold nib

YSTUDIO Self-Owned Fountain Pen Nib: Crafted in 14K Gold, hailing from Germany.

A specific “Unryūhaku” character and YSTUDIO logo are delicately engraved on the nib. After several times of hand-polishing, it showcases a remarkable spirit of craftmanship.

Brass, 14K Nib.

Size & Weight

13 x 11 x 138 (mm)
Coming soon. (inch)

46 (grams)
Coming soon. (ounces)


In order to have the best writing experience, YSTUDIO recommends using an ink that has a moderate thickness. For example, ink from Pelikan, Waterman, Cross, etc.

Comes with a converter included
(International Standard Cartridge Type)

Made in

Taiwan / Japan

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