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Postalco - Channel Point Pen Grid


From Point to Line.

Individually crafted solid metal ballpoint pen with a unique U-clip. The entire body is cut from solid aluminum while the clip is cut from solid brass. We found this combination gives the pen the solid feeling we love without being heavy. Included ink cartridge: SXR-5 0.5mm waterproof ink. Weight 26g. Aluminum and brass. Patent pending. Handmade in Japan.

Like an instrument
Instead of a plastic or rubber grip, there are fine record-like lines inscribed into the pen body. Lines cut into the clip give just the grip needed and also create a subtle graph pattern. It feels refined: less like a tool and more like an instrument. This pen embraces traditional craft but with the goal of blending it into everyday contemporary life.

Satisfying mechanics
The clip is also the button that exposes the tip of the ballpoint. Pushing on the top exposes the pen tip, while pressing on the front retracts it.

Body: solid aluminum
Clip: solid brass

Size & Weight

10 x 147 x 14 (mm)
0.4 x 5.9 x 0.6 (inch)

26 (grams)
0.92 (ounces)


Surprisingly smooth and quick drying, this pen is the result of much experimentation and research. It’s best to forget about all the inventions that are built into this pen and focus on the smooth transfer of your thoughts to paper. Fits refills ranging from 0.38mm to 0.7mm in permanent ink, black or blue colors. Refills: fits Mitsubishi Pencil Co. Ltd., (uni) SXR-38, SXR-5, SXR-7 and SXR-10. Use only these refills. Available worldwide.

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