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Ystudio - Ballpoint Pen

This slender ballpoint pen stands out for its quality of form and material. Copper. Bronze. No added things you don’t really need. It does not need much. Any pen could do, but that does not imply that it should. No one can promise that the quality of the pen will dictate the quality of your words, but as physical writing provides a stronger grip on your topics or intentions than any pixel on a screen ever could, a simple pen may be worth some investment.

► Materials: brass, copper, phosphor bronze.
► Size: 7 X 7 X 123 mm
► Refill suggestion: 'Cross Type Ballpoint Pen Refill'

Use & Care
The brass casting of this pen will oxidize with usage. One may choose to keep it that way and cherish the user’s tracks as a sign of its intensive usage or re-polish the pen with bronze oil until it regains its original shine.