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Lois Mathar - Copper Bracelet 001 (Normal)

€ 90.00 EUR

The 001 Series by Lois Mathar combines his passion for raw materials, his love for true craftsmanship and his dedication to pure design and simplicity.

Each bracelet is hand-forged by Mathar himself and made from 100% raw materials. No logo, no branding. Just pure design and aesthetic. ‍

Every bracelet comes in a clean cardboard packaging with the studio’s signature ‘Lois Mathar – Made in Munich’ print embossed.

- hand-forged
- made from 100% raw materials
- pure design and aesthetic
- no logo and branding
- made in Munich

Sizes: small (16.5 cm) – medium (18.5 cm) – large (20.5 cm)